We worked on the retail cross-road of West & Central Europe.

What have you done in Austria?

This done quite a lot of education and keynote speaker work there. And worked for market leader supermarket chain Spar. Been here quite regularly over the years. As part of our cars & trucks projects as well as for brand manufacturers.

Do you speak the languages?

Yes. They speak German in Austria, and that’s a language we are fluent in. that’s the skill we need there, because the knowledge of English in the stores and with consumers is not that high as in Scandinavia or Holland.

How far along the trend of retail-development is Austria?

Quite a long way. This you will find any international retailer there on the non-food markets, and on the food market a few Austrians compete with their big German competitors.

What company would you still like to work for again in this country?

Billa. There are great company, and we’ve worked for their mother company Rewe a lot, so I think we could make music together.

Can you name a project in Austria that you are proud of?

The project we did for Austrian Spar in their neighbouring country Hungary. Spar is the leading Austrian supermarket chain, which crossed the border eased the moment the Iron Curtain fell. The CEO of this family run company was extremely pleased with that as is demonstrated in his reference interview.

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