Czech Republic

One more market where Kaufland leapfrogged over earlier entrants after the Wall fell.

What have you done in the Czech Republic?

Worked there on and off for supermarkets, hard discounters, and chemist discounters. Fascinating country, where our last project took us into the dramatically overturned market of supermarkets.

Do you speak the languages?

No. Czech is a bit too much of a challenge to us. In the headquarters of the retail companies in this country we have proven to get by in English and German. But it takes some work in the stores, and with consumers.

How far along the trend of retail-development is Czech Republic?

Quite far. Many international retailers are present here and a specially if the quick wrote to glory for German Kaufland is stunning. They have overtaken giants like Tesco’s with their no-frills hypermarket concept.

What’s the special challenge for international retailers in Czech Republic?

It’s a tough country, not so large, and with fierce competitors. the purchasing power of its population has been dented in the crisis, so altogether you have to be able to run a low-cost, price focused operation.

Can you name a project in Czech Republic that you are proud of?

The project in this country which brings back the most fond memories is the project we did for the western German company right after the Wall fell. We were assigned to create a hard discount chain here within months.

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