The down-to-earth approach of the Danes matches our Dutch style

What have you done in Denmark?

We worked in this country in all of our sectors; banks, supermarket chains, cooperatives, car manufacturers. Done a lot of jobs here for decades.

Do you speak the language?

A bit. Reading retail-Danish is pretty easy to us. The excellent English spoken in Denmark did not press us to become fluent in Danish. You can talk to store staff as well as consumers with almost no restrictions anywhere.

How far along the trend of retail-development is Denmark?

Very far for such a small country. There is one huge retail conglomerate, Dansk Supermarked, part of the Maersk Group, that operates hypermarkets (Bilka), double supermarkets (Føtex), and discount stores (Netto) in an excellent way. But also think of an international hero like Jysk, retailing everything for the bed room.

What’s the special challenge for international retailers in Denmark?

Its size. There are not even 5 million inhabitants in Denmark, but you have to adapt in language and organisation. On the mess markets locals rule. So you have to ask yourself the question is it worth the trouble and the management talent to go for this country.

What company would you still like to work for again in this country?

Dansk Supermarked. Great company, respect their decision-making abilities and talents to make the implementation effective as well.

Can you name a project in Denmark that you are proud of?

Without any doubt: Jyske Bank. It was a joy to work for them there really stimulated us to look 10 years in the future, and their skill and determination and ability to implement our ideas has been amazing all along.

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