The country that created international retail giants Aldi, Lidl and Metro, feels like home to us.

What have you done in Germany?

Many projects. We have worked in Germany since the 1980s. Advised department stores like Karstad, Hertie and Kaufhof on how to evade their life-cycle problems. Helped SB-Warenhäuser, the German name for hypermarkets, step into the new generation. Good examples are Real and Massa Created a chain of hard discounters, called it Tip and made it expand across the new Bundeslander from scratch. Assisted Rewe in merging its supermarket chains. We seem to hit it off with our Dutch openness & creativity.

Do you speak the language?

Yes. We are fluent in German. That’s important, because in the stores you really need to talk German to be able to communicate with staff and consumers.

How far along the trend of retail-development is Germany?

Very far. Aldi and Lidl are absolutely world-class in running very tight hard discounting formats. This has resulted in a staggering 43% market share for discounters in Germany. When it comes to non-food retail, Tchibo and C&A are good examples. MediaMarkt and Metro are too, although they seem to be fading by now. In on-line retail Zalando is showing the way.

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