Nice to be on top of Borobudur and do strategic work for global brand at same time.

What have you done in Indonesia?

Worked there for Unilever ice cream. Where to find out why eating ice cream is such a nice experience, but buying it often isn’t. We travelled up and down this country to gain insights, and found a solution which really worked. Because ice cream and tourism go together we had to visit places like the Borobudur and see how they sell ice cream there. That’s why you see Karin on this picture.

Do you speak the languages?

No. But also local level we By in English pretty good. Reading their stores can relatively easy as well because there is a lot of Dutch in the language through the centuries in which Indonesia was a Dutch colony.

How far along the trend of retail-development is Indonesia?

We found or imaginable levels of development of retail infrastructure visible in Indonesia. It’s one more of those developing markets, where the middle class is exploding in size, with the usual development of modern retail in its wake. Right now the retail infrastructure is changing beyond recognition, with malls and hypermarkets pushing the traditional retail to the margins. Moms& Pops are decreasing rapidly, being forces out by hypermarkets and close-by chains of convenience stores alike.

Can you name a project in Indonesia that you are proud of?

The discoveries we made in Yokyakarta for Unilever. we have been searching for some crucial data in a number of countries around the world and we finally found them with the female administrator of a local ice cream wholesaler in this down on central Java. That really was the linchpin in this project.

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