A small isolated country with the retail infrastructure that’s typical for small isolated countries. Highly diversified companies play in more than one retail sector.

Can you tell us of a project that you have done in Israel?

We helped Israel Post understand their future. We help them with the lessons that we learnt in many post offices around the world in the past 20 years. We helped them realise which strategic options are just daydreams and which are real. That way they could prevent stumbling in the same potholes that post offices in other countries fell in before them.

Do you speak the languages?

No, but that didn’t interfere with our work. So many people are fluent in English or one of the other languages that we speak, that this hasn’t been any problem. Also with store personnel we haven’t found any trouble communicating.

How far along the trend of retail-development is Israel?

Pretty sophisticated given the small size of the country. Their shopping malls are advanced, the supermarkets show very up-to-date thinking on assortment architecture. The geographical isolation might be there, but there is no mental isolation when it comes to the latest retail-insights.

What’s the special challenge for international retailers in Israel?

The normal challenge facing any retailer that thinks about entering a small, isolated country: should you do it at all? Is your scarce management talent not better focussed on large countries?

Can you name a project in Israel that you are proud of?

The strategic workshop for Israel Post in Tel Aviv. That was preceded by a quick scan of the situation at their post offices.

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