When Italian pasta makers turn to Dutch retail strategists, what can you say?

What have you done in Italy?

We’ve worked in supermarkets, departments stores, car manufacturers, brandmanufacturer’ and post offices.And of course, we worked for the Italian pasta & marketing pride Barilla. As well as some drastic looks into the future for a department store group. We worked – what else?- for the world’s largest ice cream company, based in Rome.

Do you speak the language?

Limited. We can understand the essence of a retail business report, but it’s hard for us to make conversation with store staff or consumers. But reading the store is no problem whatsoever.

How far along the trend of retail-development is Italy?

They are a bit later than other parts of Europe. The open or covered marketplace is still a quite dominant retail platform. The consolidation is challenged by the regional differences in general, the North-South divide in particular and the more informal way of doing business in the South. private label development is relatively recent. The hypermarkets came in late, but a shining international example is the family run Esselunga chain.

What company would you still like to work for again in this country?

Conad and Coop, for sure.They are both making rapid progress towards distinctly modern retail and that’s something we’re good at it speeding that along.

Can you name a project in Italy that you are proud of?

Barilla. this company has been an international example in marketing for decades. We helped reinvent their business and the relationship with retailers. And the really happy with that as can be seen in this reference interview.

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