Shopping malls are erupting in the country, hypermarkets are spreading all over. Local players dominate, like Marjane and Kitea, keeping Carrefour at arm’s length.

What can you say about what you have done in Morocco?

We have been working on the innovation of the own brand architecture and sourcing for one of the leading Moroccan retailers. As is happening in many developing countries, Moroccan retailers have discovered the merits of own brand’s for its profiling and margin.

Do you speak the languages of Morocco?

We speak neither of the two official languages Arabic or Berber. It’s extremely easy to get around in French in Morocco, which also makes it easy to understand the stores.

How far along the trend of retail-development is Morocco?

Moving along on the road to modern retail. Marketplaces still abound. Hypermarkets, the usual first step on that road well in place and are the anchor stores of the shopping laws that are popping up. The next step, that of hard discounters, is now in progress with the arrival of the Turkish Bim chain.

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