New Zealand

Half of the population of Sweden in an almost equally large country and much more isolated position. Home to Foodstuffs, Kiwi Bank and Australian Woolworth, this country is demanding individual retail strategy.

What have you done in New Zealand?

We helped NZ Post create their vision on the future, showing them the latest trends in post offices around the world, showing which future scenarios work and which don’t. Offering them insights from our worldwide work in post offices.

Do you speak the languages?

Of course, it’s English.

How far along the trend of retail-development is New Zealand?

Pretty far, with the normal compromises that are facing retailers in large country with few inhabitants.

What’s the special challenge for international retailers in New Zealand?

Its isolation, the large geographical size, combined with the small numbers of inhabitants. Just to put it in perspective: Walmart is over 14 times bigger than the total New Zealand market. That results in players with small-scale.

What company would you still like to work for again in this country?

The New Zealand post would be interesting to do once more as their successive banking companies are very interesting learning material for other countries.

What is a good way for NZ companies to make the first connection with you?

Mail or phone and set up a Skype conference. We have proven to be able to advice long-distance, and bring our experience and insights without traveling around the globe.

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