Its huge size, its 4,5 million people and its extreme climate make Norway a challenging retail market.

What have you done in Norway?

Worked there in retail, banking and postal communications. We have worked regularly in the country of Rema1000, Postbanken and Statoil.

Do you speak the languages?

Can understand enough to read a store and read retail-reports. The language is close to English, German and Dutch and therefore not too difficult for us. But the fluency of the Norwegians of all ages and educational levels in English has never prompted us to do our utmost.

What company would you still like to work for again in this country?

Norgesgruppen is one of those companies that I would like to work for again in this country.

Can you name a project in Norway that you are specially proud of?

Postbanken’s retail strategy. We helped Olav Fjell, who was CEO at that time to re- invent the company after its privatisation. that are demanded the usual diplomatic work with sister company Norwegian Post. Shared responsibility and shared costs of the post office network is always the hot potato that has to be passed around. We gave them tested solutions for that, because we had learned to present the pitfalls in our work for the Dutch post offices. On top of that, we did some pretty nice things for companies like DNB Nor, Post Norge and ICA too and gave keynotes at prominent retail conferences.

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