We helped Western retailers teach Poland how to do discounting.

What have you done in Poland?

We worked in the supermarket sector, as well as for brand manufacturer, such as Heinz. The country that has given home-grown Biedronka to the world, after it was effectively conquered by western retail chains. We went in right after the Wall fell. Did projects in more recent times too. Like other Central European markets Poland goes through a pressure-cooker retail development. And unlike Western European markets, the hypermarkets still enjoy their domination.

Do you speak the language?

No. Although you can get around in the management of Polish companies in English, on the shop floor you need an interpreter.

Can you name a project in Poland that you are proud of?

What we did for Heinz. As part of the European project we had to look at their situation in central European countries as well. We looked at their brand portfolio and gave them a number of simple, yet effective suggestions, also for their Polish situation.

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