Small country, great retailers.

What have you done in Portugal?

We look back with fond memory at the strategic two-day gathering we had with the management of Sonae high in the mountains above Porto. it’s a well-kept secret that this family run company is one of the world’s best retailers with their wide array of retail formats and shopping malls. We have worked here for one of the world’s best retailers and postbanks.

Do you speak the language?

No. Portuguese is the official language. It’s quite possible to read this Latin language, when we limit ourselves to the retail vocabulary.  You’ll be amazed with the ease that you can get by in English; there is a long tradition of contact with Britain.

How far along the trend of retail-development is Portugal?

Very far. The shopping centres are well standard, the supermarket chains to. The home grown chains have been able to keep international players in their place. In the FMCG retail Continente, part of Sonae, and Jeronimo Martins, partly owned by our client Ahold, both run superb operations.

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