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The retail consultant that bites

Are the words ‘omnichannel’, ‘digital revolution’, ‘changing consumer needs’ and ‘implementing strategy’ giving you nightmares? Are you doubting if your business model is the right one, and do you want to make your company not just better, but a lot better?

In that case you might not want to call just any retail consultant. Like: a retail consultant that will apply a nicely developed standard model to your firm, and confirm your existing ideas. You need a retail consultant that is bold enough to shake you up. Say the worst out loud. Like: ‘No’. A retail consultant that has the guts to take you that step further.

There is no one like Eysink Smeets

Our guess is that you haven’t seen a retail consultant like that yet. In other words: you might need a retail consultant like Eysink Smeets. Probably the best valued business consultants in the world, as Eysink Smeets helped more than 300 of the world’s largest companies. Take a big leap forward, with a company of just three people. Highly devoted retail consultants – with a dash of fashion business consultant – that work in the blink of an eye, because they completely submerge in your company, to become your company, but still have the ability to look at it from the outside.

With seventy five years of combined experience as a retail consultant worldwide, they bring with them a new horizon of international trends worldwide, and open the window to a confident future for your company. They will create a truly good strategy that can be explained in half a sentence. And re-design the relevant parts of your company in high visual detail and powerful images. So that everyone will understand, get excited, and starts implementing within weeks.

Eysink Smeets business consultants are unique in viewing retail consultancy as ‘the art of shaking things up’. They challenge. Tease. Put their finger right where it hurts, and then press. And they are certainly not afraid to have a confrontation with their clients. Refreshing, as the answers are direct and don’t go through 50 corporate layers.

Real Experts

Experience makes experts. The most heard comment from clients: ‘a retail consultant that knew immediately what we needed.’ Often followed by ‘we were quite shocked’. But that’s the only way to make a change. To have someone say the things you did not even dare to think. Making your brand or vision stronger. Making you stronger.

When you work with Eysink Smeets, you work with the business consultant at your table. No intermediaries, no extra explaining or losing time and money. A truly multidisciplinary team, that often works with a sketchbook at hand, starting to draw their vision immediately – and maybe also some details of your package or interior design. No need to say – the work goes fast. That’s the idea behind a small team. And of course – when the job requires it, we have a large network of specialists at hand.

Go tell your story to Eysink Smeets Business Consultants. Have the guts to look at yourself, to be looked at with the eyes of a retail consultant with 35 years of international retail consultant experience. Get those blunt questions asked, that only a retail consultant like Eysink Smeets has the guts to ask. Look at a brand new horizon.

Retail consultancy becomes retail inspiration.

Making a real change needs guts. Start with picking up the phone – making an appointment is easy.
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