United Kingdom

Started our career in the UK, and returned ever since.

What have you done in the United Kingdom?

It’s where we started our careers. Immediately after graduation Hans started to work there. It’s when he created new product concepts for good old English brands like Mary Quant end Yardley’s. since then we have come back time and time again in a world of supermarkets, retail banks as well as brand manufacturers. We still are amazed what we can learn here in our work for some of the world’s best retailers.

Do you speak the language?

Yes. What else would they speak in England but English?

How far along the trend of retail-development is the United Kingdom?

Probably the international benchmark for retail. The management layers of the UK retailers are filled with well-educated and very talented people, unlike many other countries where retail is frowned upon as a career path for talented graduates. the speed of progress, and the rapid cycles of innovation is a joy to see.

What company would you still like to work for again in this country?

Tesco’s. After more than a decade of almost unchecked expansion, there are some challenge and is on the road of this proud company. We can help them find new roads to success.

Can you name a project in the United Kingdom that you are proud of?

Sainsbury’s Bank. Our Postbank experience enabled us to get this retailers bank overs some bumps in the road. They were very happy with that as you can see in this interview.

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