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Why a tiny consultancy is hired by the largest firms.
Apparently, we do something well. But instead of telling you ourselves, we let our clients do that.



"At first, a strategy is just paper. The problem is that everybody has his own image of it. Eysink Smeets created a unity of thought."
- Rob ter Haar, Chairman at various FMCG companies.
"Concept and implementation are closely integrated with them. They can visualize and develop a strategy up to product - and packaging level."
- Stephan Fanderl, now CEO of Karstadt, the German department store chain.
“Fast as lightning, intensely committed, creative, forward-looking and making speed. You can never call them too late."
- Hans Hokke, CEO of Postkantoren.
"Brand strategy is something vague. Eysink Smeets made it tangible, and us stronger. It was the start of a lot of change here."
- Jan-Jasper de Konink, CEO of E-Matching, The Netherland's largest datingsite.
"Surprisingly easy and very creative. With other consultants you get a lot of books, with Eysink Smeets you get a lot of pictures. "
- Guntram Drexel, CEO of the abroad activities of Spar Austria.
"Eysink Smeets has extensive international experience in retailing and a great ability to use this knowledge to create new approaches time and time again. "
- Göran Byqvist, then CEO at Pressbyrån.
"The theoretical model they proposed was new to us and through this framework they gave us a new way of looking at our business."
- Schalk van der Merwe, CEO of RCS Group, one of the largest retail-financers in South Africa.
"A razor-sharp vision on what is going to happen in the sector in the next 5 to 10 years. They know how to translate that into practical solutions."
- Hans Hagenaars, now a member of the Executive Board of ING Bank Netherlands.
"Expensive? No, just the opposite. In relation to the amazing speed at which they produce applicable, commercial ideas, they're cheaper than all the others."
- Antti Tiitto, executive at Haka-Rakentajat Oy, a major Finnish international shopping mall development group.
“Really masters when it comes to change."
- Neil Humphrey, VP at Unilever.

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