Cooperatives are still very much alive in retail in a number of countries. And doing well. That’s not always the case. In some other countries the cooperatives are in a much more difficult situation. We have worked for cooperative companies in all of theses countries.


KF/ Coop Sweden

We have worked for the national consumer cooperatives of Sweden a number of times over the years.


 Coop Stockholm

We have worked for some of the local cooperatives too, like Coop Stockholm. That allowed us a good insight into what makes a local cooperative tick. It gave us good ideas on how to improve the often streesed relationship between the locals and the national organization.


FDB/ Coop Denmark

For this large Danish cooperative we have worked quite a lot too. They are in a cooperation with their Swedish counterparts, but are less tightly connected than they used to be. Although they use the same logo’s on private label ranges, that’s about as far as they go. The supermarkets of Danish Coop are called Brugsen.


SOK Finland

This is the bourgeois consumer Coop in this Nordic country where every political party would have its own connected cooperative. Those days are gone, and we helped SOK find the way to become a modern retail company.


Coop The Netherlands

A healthy company, keeping its position in a market that is dominated by Albert Heijn, Jumbo, Aldi and Lidl. Like all cooperative supermarket chains they have to fight from  a disadvantage, with many stores in regions where the population is declining.


Coop AG, Germany

Like many cooperatives used to be connected to the social-democratic party and the unions of their country, so was Coop AG. We experienced at close hand how the governance difficulties closed this company down.


Rabobank, the Netherlands

We have worked a lot for this really cooperative bank. Unlike many supermarket cooperatives, Rabobank is without any political ties: it has grown from the farmers-cooperatives of the last century. It is the largest bank in the Netherlands, which demonstrates that coops are still alife and kicking. We have worked for many of the 100+ local banks too, which allows us to look at this company from both sides.

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