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‘I have never seen so much quality in such a short time.’

Annemieke Rijke, Commercial Director Gall & Gall / AholdDelhaize

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Eysink Smeets is hired by the biggest names in retail, when they’re in need of change.

When to call us

This is us. Not a big, do-it-all-consultancy, but a highly specialized boutique.

Who are you?

We work on Board-level for over 300 clients, in all retail sectors.


In about 40 countries around the world.

Country List

‘One can only dream of having such a brave and skilled consultant.’

Ulf Bergenudd, CEO Pressbyran

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Our clients like that we turn their dreams, into an exciting reality.

Our difference

And make real change on the KPI’s within weeks.

How do you do that?

‘If you need a different direction, a clear vision and positive energy in your organization, you hire Eysink Smeets.’

Wouter Kolk, CEO Albert Heijn / AholdDelhaize

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Some of our 300+ clients.


Our recent results.

(What we did for who is classified. Sorry.)


We took a non-food retailer from index 74 to index 125 within 2,5 months.


We helped a big European FMCG market leader gain 3% extra marketshare.


At a North American retailer, we more than doubled their sales per square meter.


We turned a suffering chain into the fastest growing supermarket in the country, with 6,4% autonomous growth.

‘If you have to make a fundamental change, they are the right party.’

Kris Geeraert, General Manager Danone NL/BE/LU

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Our deliverables are extremely visual.

‘Extraordinary creative, yet very practical when it comes to the implementation.’

Bert van Doorn, Executive TPG Post

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Meet the Eysink Smeets family.

(Really, we’re family.)

Hans Eysink Smeets

Partner / Consultant

Hans must be one of the most sought-after retail consultants in the world. He’s done more than 300 retail turnaround projects worldwide, and has an unrivaled experience. His style: Outspoken, direct, but always with a smile.


Karin Montagne

Partner / Consultant

Karin has a background as designer, fashion-editor, stylist and trend-researcher. She has an unparalleled sense for consumers and trends – and extremely strong business creativity, which she uses to create concepts that fit the consumer of tomorrow.


Rik Eysink Smeets

External Strategy Support

Rik was a strategy consultant at Eysink Smeets for 7 years. A while ago, he started his own strategy company with a stronger focus on digital, mobile and e-commerce (www.rikeysinksmeets.com) Rik supports Hans on strategy and online when relevant (and vice versa).


Tom Eysink Smeets

External Creative Support

Tom Eysink Smeets is experienced in digital media and filmmaking and was was creative director at music label Suburban. Tom is our support on creation, digital and online.


What do you need help with?

  • Analysis of your consumer needs
  • Analysis of your consumer segments
  • Analysis of future of market/competition
  • Retail Safari
  • (International) Benchmarking
  • (International) Consumer Trends
  • Analysis of Current Strategy
  • Analysis of Current Positioning
  • Analysis of Strengths & Weaknesses
  • Creation of New Strategy
  • Creation of 5 years Ahead Vision
  • Creation of Positioning
  • Creation of Reason To Be
  • Creation of Brand Mission
  • Creation of Consumer USP’s
  • Analysis of brand positioning
  • Analysis of identity
  • Creation of new brand &  identity
  • Creation or sharpening of visual identity
  • Creation of mission/tagline/slogan
  • Analysis of Assortment & Private Label
  • Creation of Strong Assortment Strategy
  • Creation of Private Label Strategy
  • Creation of (Private Label) Packaging Design
  • Creation of Hero Categories
  • Analysis of Price Strategy
  • Analysis of Price Perception
  • Analysis of Promo Strategy
  • Creation of Price Strategy
  • Creation of Promo Strategy
  • Analysis of Location Strategy
  • Analysis of Stores & Store Design
  • Analysis of Customer Journey
  • Creation of Location Strategy
  • Creation of Stores & Store Design
  • Creation of Customer Journey
  • Analysis of Marketing Effectivity
  • Analysis of Flyers/Promotions and Flyer/Promo Effectivity
  • Creation of visual Marketing Umbrella
  • Creation of Marketing Guide
  • Creation of tone-of-voice Guide
  • Creation of Online Marketing Guide
  • Creation of all marketing channels (tv, radio, flyer, outdoor, guerrilla, online, etc)
  • Creation of smart new ways to get your message across
  • Analysis of E-Commerce platform
  • Analysis of E-Commerce business model
  • Creation of E-Commerce strategy
  • Creation of E-Commerce visuals
  • Creation of E-Commerce execution
  • Analysis of current Loyalty Programme
  • Analysis of current data retailing
  • Creation of data driven retail programme
  • Creation of Loyalty Programme
  • Analysis of Expansion strategy
  • Creation of Expansion Strategy
  • Creation of Master Franchise Acquisition Strategy
  • Creation of Merger Strategy
  • Creation of New Country Entry Strategy
  • Commercial Due Diligence

Finally, we’re great speakers on retail trends.

Speech & Teach

‘Masters when it comes to bringing change in your company.’

Neil Humphrey, VP Unilever

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Get in touch.

Email: hans@eysinksmeets.com
Phone: 0031654286303
Address: Singel 26 / 1015AA  

Amsterdam/ The Netherlands