Think of Zara, Mercadonna or BBVA and you’ll know how far Spanish retail is.

What have you done in Spain?’s

Done a lot of work in the worlds of post offices and retail banks. That forced us to look at the total retail sector of Spain in depth. They are pretty far here: a number of exciting retailers and business models have come from Spain.

Do you speak the languages?

A bit. You are forced to get around in Spanish in stores and once we got going that went pretty okay. Reading retail and reports didn’t post too much of a problem either.

How far along the trend of retail-development is Spain?

Far. All of the international players are there and there is a bunch of Spanish players who are dominating the global retail world by themselves. Zara is one of those shining examples, but also the BBVA and Santander banks roll across the world. The El Corte Ingles group runs department stores and hypermarkets of a high standard.

What company would you still like to work for again in this country?

El Corte Ingles. They are faced with the International challenge that all middle-of- the-road departments stores are facing. Our fingers are itching to help this company change and inspire them to make some tough decisions.

Can you name a project in Spain that you are proud of?

What we did for Argentaria, now part of the BBVA group. We helped this former state owned bank after privatisation and helped to create a much more consumer focused culture. they disconnected from the postal system and after merging with BBV they are now the A in BBVA. That work led to other jobs in Spain, for companies such as Banesto and Correos, the national postal company.

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